ABCB publishes NCC2022 Preview

Published 9 May 2022

Important information regarding NCC2022

The Australian Building Codes Board has today published its preview of the upcoming 2022 revision of the National Construction Code. The NCC2022 preview contains a number of important changes, including updated references to a number of Australian Standards likely to affect the window and glazing industry. 

It does not include energy efficiency and condensation amendments as these are yet to be finalised and endorsed by Building Ministers. A preview of the energy efficiency and condensation amendments will be available prior to adoption, though an announcement has not yet been made as to when this is expected. 

AGWA will be circulating further updates explaining these changes and what they mean for you as well as more information on the energy efficiency and condensation provisions as it becomes available.

It should be noted that today’s publication is a “preview” only.  The final NCC2022 will be published and, subject to transitional arrangements which are yet to be announced, come into effect on the 1st September.

The NCC2022 Preview and supporting information can be downloaded from the ABCB website here: National Construction Code | NCC (

For further information or questions, please email: [email protected]