Important Changes to the Queensland Building Regulations

Building Regulation 2021 commenced on 1 September 2021 and replaces the Building Regulation 2006. Significant changes have been made to the Form 15 and Form 16 certificates.

AGWA member should ensure they are aware of and are using the updated forms and understand how the changes impact the work they are responsible for.

Form 15 - The appointed competent person (design – specifications) completes this form, which is used to inform the building certifier’s decision when they are assessing a building development application and issuing the building development approval for the building work the subject of this form. A new appendix provides information for the appointed competent person, the building certifier, building product manufacturers and suppliers and industry generally about the form.

Form 16 - Revised to clarify that the form is used as the inspection certificate for stages of building work.

Aspect certificates are now under Form 12 (new) and Form 43 (new). A new Appendix provides information to assist in the completion of the document.

Further Information - Building regulation changes – Building Regulation 2021 | Department of Energy and Public Works (