New South Wales COVID Update, 20 July 2021

Information is still changing regularly but for now this is what we know. I will try and update you as quickly as information comes to hand.

  • Manufacturing is able to stay open as an essential service as long as the business adheres to all social distancing and face mask requirements. Any COVID test requirements must also be adhered to for anyone that meets the testing criteria previously mandated.
  • Deliveries can still occur as long as there is only 1 driver in the truck (car pooling is not allowed) and the driver must also adhere to all COVIDsafe requirements including wearing a face mask at all times. This includes interstate deliveries but please check border requirements before travelling (at a minimum you will need a negative COVID test and evidence of a test every 7 days).
  • You cannot deliver to a construction site.
  • The only time two people can travel in the same car/truck is if they live in the same residence and their license or photo ID proves this.
  • Contactless pick up is permitted for customers from your warehouse
  • If you stand a staff member down because of the lockdown you can only pay them sick leave if they test positive to COVID-19. Until then any paid leave comes off their annual leave entitlements. An employee can refuse for you to use their annual leave – if they do then they must take unpaid leave. Employees that have been stood down without pay should be eligible for the Government Pandemic Payment.

The restrictions on 'emergency work' in construction have also been updated. The updated Public Health order states the following:

The Minister directs that an employee or other person is not to enter or remain on a construction site in Greater Sydney, other than to carry out work required under subclause (1).

A construction site means a place at which work, including related excavation, is being carried out to erect, demolish, extend or alter a building or structure but not work carried out in relation to a dwelling in which a person is residing.

A person is not authorised to visit a place of residence in Greater Sydney to engage in work that is cleaning or carrying out repairs, maintenance, alterations, additions or other trades at the place of residence. This does not apply if the work is urgently required—

(a) to ensure the health, safety or security of the place of residence or the members of the household, or

(b) because of an emergency.

If you deem your work to be an emergency then I advise you to be prepared to justify your reasons for the work continuing and ideally have evidence to support (eg photograph of the safety concern or written request from the customer as to why the job is an emergency).

Please also see the links to the government financial assistance:

Follow the links to assess eligibility and apply for assistance.

I'll be in touch soon no doubt.

Stay safe and look after each other,

Melissa Baker
National Industry Development Manager
Australian Glass and Window Association